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Taj Mahal, Agra
India Holidays     Destination Ideas

Destination Ideas

Cultural of Rajasthan North India
Instinct and intuition are the two most trusted guides to follow during your India Holidays. Most tourists who choose to go on Holidays in India for the first time land at Delhi, the base for North India travel and tours. The best part is wherever you turn; you can never go wrong in India. Hindu pilgrimage destinations on the banks of River Ganges such as Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi are also seats of North Indian culture, arts and traditions. Rajasthan Holidays are usually more flamboyant and introduce you to incredible forts and palaces with grand arches and delicate screens. Whether you are in for adventure or wildlife, North India offers you a complete entertainment and recreation India holidays package. .....
Kathakali, Kerala South India
One of the most potent rivals of African Safaris, South India holiday packages offer the best deals in lovely, peaceful, stable tourist destinations and attractions. Kerala Holidays are ultimate with amazing tropical beaches complete with refreshing sip of fresh coconut water and thousands of beautiful shells to find in the soft white sands on the seashore. The verdant greenery around full of sounds of Nature, rustling of leaves, music of breeze, and bird melodies as you cruise through Kerala backwaters all feel familiar and soothing, as if you are finally back to home. The electric unusual dance and music performances, idyllic Ayurveda massages, and rare magnificent ancient temples of South India make your Holidays in India unforgettable. .....
Taj Mahal, Agra - Holidays Destination in India Central India
Central India often forms a part of North India holiday packages or Golden Triangle vacation highlights. You will find only a handful of India holiday tours that focus only on the geographical heartland of India despites its innumerable gems. The 10th century Khajuraho Temples of Madhya Pradesh have been repeatedly cited as the most maverick expression of architectural genius. Rows of idols depicting different facets of life include soldiers at war, deities in all their glory, sensuous women and even erotic sculptures that do not exclude homosexuality and bestiality from its list. Timeless monuments, rich wildlife sanctuaries, colonial relics, and a genteel royal ambience of Central India thrive along with the tribal culture in the dense forests of Chhattisgarh and MP.......
Puppet Show, Rajasthan Tour Rajasthan
Rajasthan is the jewel in the crown of Holidays in India vacation and tour packages. Its magical monuments and desert wonders attract international tourists with the extreme edge to everything it exhibits. Rajasthan adds royal and cultural touch to India holidays experience with its folk dance performances, camel safaris, and imperial accommodations. The luxury heritage hotels of Rajasthan are highlights India holiday tours with their delicate features, artistic flamboyance, lavishness and opulence. Once residences, summer retreats, hunting lodges, or forts of the former Maharajas, Rajasthan Heritage Hotels are quite well preserved and are a study in arts and crafts of the state......
Tiger, Sunderban Tour Wildlife
India Holidays offer true wildlife gems, best and exclusive, in the entire world. National Parks of India offer history and mystery both. The exciting adventure tours to deeper parts of the jungles on an elephant back or an open jeep for an opportunity to see and perhaps click the photograph of the Royal Bengal Tigers comes once in a lifetime. Bird watching at Kaladeo Ghana bird Sanctuary at Bharatpur and following tiger trails at the Ranthambore National Park are the most engaging activities during your Holidays in India that will keep you animated and amused for a long time to come. ......
Cultural Dance ,Rajasthan Packages Kerala
Above the material beauty of mighty forts and fairy-tale palaces of North India, Kerala tourism is a cool breeze and cynosure for eyes for holidaymakers in India. Impossible to forget experiences and abundance of Nature's wonders make Kerala stand out among all the multitude choices for India holidays. The colorful birds, houseboat floating in soothing rhythm on calm controlled backwaters, small rural villages with verdant paddy fields and aromatic spice plantations, best lagoons, invaluable beaches, quaint mountain resorts, lively fairs and festivals, and ancient arts of Ayurveda, Kalaripayyattu and classical dance forms are all admired by international tourists on Holidays in India. .....

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Destination IdeasDestination Ideas

Explore India's most breathtaking locations delhi, agra, jaipur, mumbai, goa, kerala. ....etc.

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Explore India's most breathtaking locations delhi, agra, jaipur, mumbai, goa, kerala. ....etc.